Sunday, August 5, 2012

GA Trip: The Reunion

A couple of weeks ago we made a very quick roadtrip to Georgia for Paul's grandparents' 60th wedding reunion! The boys did fairly decent on the trip. I made sure to pack the car full of snacks, drinks, toys, and DVD's!
Saturday was the actual reunion. The last time I was in GA was for their 50th reunion! Paul and I were in our second year of dating! It was crazy to see how much the family has grown!! Lots of kiddos this time around!

We took pics...each family and then a big group one. Here is our family crew attempting a pic! My how the kids make it hard!

A little better!

And here is the whole Furr clan!

I was tired of carrying Levi, so he got a ride to the room!
 (ps....doesn't my hubby look pretty good in pink, ha!)

Both boys on our iphones! At least something other than us can entertain them!

Claire came to play for a minute!

This pic was taken Sunday morning before's all the little boys, minus Levi, in the family....Luke, Adrian, Lane, and about a mess!

This isn't all the fun we had in GA! I decided to break it into three posts...stay tuned!

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