Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day

Well it happened, summer break has come to an end! We had a great summer! Just the other day we were in the car and Lane said "Mom, I had a pretty good summer"! So cute!!
This week is back to school work week for me, so that means it's back to school for the kiddos as well! Lane is starting his full year of Pre-K!! His class is precious and they even have their own desks this year!!
Levi on the other hand is in Walkers 2!!! Can you say no cribs, eating in chair at a table, feeding himself, nap mats!!! I just don't know!! It has me a little nervous!!
This morning was pretty easy! No major morning meltdowns, ha! Typically Paul is the drop off person, but on the first days I always go as well. So we had to leave the house a little early, but not before a little picture session!!
My big boy!! Seriously is he not precious!!??

I found these adorable First Day signs from Pinterest!! They go all the way to 12th grade!  I plan on keeping these for mister Levi as well!!

And speaking of Levi....there he is!!


And a pic with mama!!

Once I got to school today, I was told Lane had a great day!! He was all smiles! Levi, sadly, did not have a great day. His teacher told me he pretty much cried on and off all day long. His poor little eyes were red and puffy. So sad of course, but at the same time I know in time he will get better and the tears will stop! SS is an amazing place and he will be just fine!!
So another school year begins...can't wait to see what it holds!!


Brittany Stokes said...

They are so cute but seriously what 12th grade boy is going to stand in front of the fireplace holding a sign saying first day of 12th grade! It will prob stop in 4th grade then they get too cool!

Tara said...

Oh they will all right!!! I'll make my boys hold them, haha!!!

Brittany Stokes said...

haha that's exactly what I said to Cory!

Kyle and Marci said...

You're boys are so cute!!! I love the signs too - we did this last year with Karlie and I plan to go through 12th grade too...even if I have to bribe them!!