Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Rangers!

This past Saturday Lane started his first T-Ball season! We decided to play in the rec league that will be our new "home league". And how crazy and appropriate is it that Lane's team is the Rangers! He is super excited and is enjoying playing! And it makes dressing in support pretty easy too!
We played the Red Sox Saturday.  I love these first couple of pictures because all the dads are out there helping their boys warm up! So sweet!

And then they found the fence! If one goes, they all go!
His first at bat.

Lane decided to slide into home his first time. It was hilarious and everyone was laughing!! He's been watching some serious Ranger baseball! 

These next few are just some sweet shots of my boy. Paul took all these and I love them!

Another at bat.

After a quick three innings, the game was over!

This little man needed some of bubba's water after running around!!
Looking forward to a fun season of Ranger T-Ball!!!

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