Sunday, August 17, 2008

Video Time

So here are a couple of videos of Lane...This first one is when Lane rolled over for the first time!!! I actually caught it on tape! (If you want to hear the audio on the videos, you need to go down to the very bottom of my page and turn off the music player.)

This is a video of how Lane rolls over now. Almost every time Paul or I put him on his back he flips over!! He is getting pretty quick at it! It's so cute!

And this video is of Lane in his favorite toy, his Rainforest Jumper!! The best purchase we ever made!! He gets in it and goes so fast!

In other news, my summer has officially ended which means Lane is off to day care tomorrow! We have had a great summer together and I have loved being at home with him, but I do feel like we are leaving him in good hands! It just still can't believe summer is over...oh well.

In one more other is my sister Rachel's 16th birthday! Happy Sweet 16 Rachel!!

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