Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

This weekend I headed down to San Marcos for my very dear friend, Arlette's bridal shower! Arlette and I met in education classes at SFA, became great friends and roomed together through our last years of college! Since then she has met a wonderful guy and they are getting married in May!! Two weeks after my due date to be exact...and I'm in the wedding, so things should be fairly entertaining come time to wear the dress! It's too early to stress about it now, but I'm sure it will happen, HA! It was great getting to see her and celebrate this time!!
Paul and Lane spent the day in Waco while I went to the shower. When I got home, Paul had a little surprise waiting for me....

My very own Kindle!!! I was super excited! I had been talking about getting one, but for my birthday which is in June, not now!! But Paul being Paul...went ahead and got it for me...just in time for our trip! Such a sweetheart! Thanks babe!
Another thing I want to mention (mainly for recording purposes in our blog book) is Lane's progress at potty training! This past Monday, the 14th,  we sent Lane to school in underwear for the first time. He had no tee-tee accidents the WHOLE WEEK!!! And only had one #2 accident. I couldn't believe how good he did for his first "real" week and giving this a go! Other than at night, he tells us pretty much everytime he has to go! So that brings us to today,...he went #2 in the potty for the first time! He has been kinda scared to do it, but he did and I couldn't believe it. So hopefully he will feel comfortable at going and do it more often!
Lastly, awhile back I saw some super cute closet dividers on Etsy that I wanted to get for Levi's closet, however, I've been feeling super crafty here recently so I thought that I would give them a try! I came across some extra border from the nursery and thought that would be perfect to use, so not only was this craft super cheap, but very easy and I think they turned out pretty cute!

We have tomorrow off and I am so glad. We still have a alot to get done before we leave on Wednesday! Oh and my favorite reality show, Amazing Race, starts tonight so I am happy about that! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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