Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

It's February 1st and we were snowed in today! And we will be tomorrow as well! I think I love snow days more as a teacher than I did as as student!
We woke this morning to lots of snow! Lane was excited when he woke up and we told him!

 Daddy was off also, so we all just stayed in our jammies and enjoyed being home! Lane I think played with every single toy and his room could show for it!

He also enjoyed an extra long bath today...

We were somewhat productive and got lots of laundry done. Lane wanted to helped daddy sort the laundry.
(It was Paul's idea to do this on the kitchen floor...not sure why...I usually do it in our closet)

We also had fun playing Memory!
Santa brought this game and he played for the first time Saturday night with Nana and Aunt Terry. And sure enough he asked to play today, and I was very impressed with how he did!

This morning Paul and I also tackled the nursery. It has up to today been a mess! It's kinda where we "dump" things and Lane keeps some of his toys in there. This is what it looked like this morning. So we got everything cleared out that was on the floor, Paul put together the crib, and we rearranged the room! It looks much better and starting to look like a nursery. It is still bare and now I can focus on decorating it! So pics of the completed nursery will come later! 

I wish we could have got out to play in the snow but it was just so darn cold!! And not to mention the wind, it would've knocked Lane over! Oh well, it was still pretty to look at!
Now what to do on snow day # 2 tomorrow?!

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