Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Book Club Pick

After our seven month rotation ended, my book club took a break over the holidays and now we are back at it! The pick for this month was...

I must admit that I was excited about this one at first. I have read other books by the author and have eally enjoyed them, however with this one it's been different. I've kinda struggled to "get in to it"...and that could be due to a number of other things that are going on, but I am determined to finish it if at all possible!!
And speaking of books...Lane has always loved looking at books and being read to. But here recently he has been "reading"  them as well! I really should catch this on video, but he will get a book and "read it" AKA describe what he's seeing! It is the cutest sweetest thing! He just goes on and on! Maybe its that he has the story memorized, I don't know but it's cute! Anyway a couple of nights ago he wanted daddy to read his Toy Story books to I snapped a couple of sweet pics of my two boys reading together! ( I was playing with the color on these)

 He would not let the Toy Story 2 book out of his hands! He held it the entire time Paul read the first one to him!

Priceless memories!

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