Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crackin me up!

Lane is a talker. He talks ALL the time! And he is so stinkin smart that I can carry full out conversations with him. He's so funny with what comes out of his little mouth. Today he said some pretty cute and funny things and I want to make sure I remember them!
Funny thing #1:
We were getting ready to go to swimming lessons and Paul called. I talked to him for a bit and then he asked to talk to Lane. I had already told Lane that daddy wouldn't be at swimming lessons because he was going to the Ranger game. So when Lane took the phone, this is what I heard...

Paul: Hi Lane
Lane: Hi daddy...Are you going to the Ranger game?
Paul: Yes.
Lane: Is Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, and Michael Young going to be there? (yes he said last names too!)
Paul: Yes they are.
Lane: Are you going to see them?
Paul: Yes.
Lane: Is Josh Hamilton going to hit a homerun?
Paul: Maybe.
Lane: Ok daddy.

This boy is a baseball nut!!

Funny thing #2:
On our way to swimming lessons, we were in the car and Lane had his feet up in the car seat and one foot kinda touching the door. Well I guess that foot hit the door handle, because all of the sudden I hear...

Lane: Mommy, can I open the door?
Me: NO! You'll fall out! (I was going for the scare factor...oh and the door was already locked)
Lane: No I won't mommy...I'm in my car seat...I'm safe. (smarty pants, ha)

Funny thing #3:
Before we got out of the car I grabbed my lip gloss and put some on.

Lane: Mom what are you doing...painting your lips?

Oh certainly make your momma laugh!!
This week has been busy! Like I've mentioned we've had swimming lessons every evening. Lane is doing great and I'll post pics later. Yesterday Lane also started his Little Gym Sports Skills class. He will go every Tuesday till August! Just trying to keep his busy and entertained!!

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Jamie said...

Too Funny! I asked Ryleigh what she would want to name her brother if she had one and she said "Josh Hamilton." I love this age they say the funniest stuff!!