Monday, August 4, 2014

{30 Book Challenge} 12th, 13, & 14th Reviews

Happy Monday friends!!! I can't believe that we are in the home stretch of summer...only three more weeks until school starts back!! I'm back today sharing some on the books I've read recently!!
So first up book 12...

I've mentioned before that I am a fan of this author. Easy to read, chick lit, this was her latest release. It follows a Savannah florist, Cara, who is the premiere wedding florist in town. She is about to score the biggest wedding in town all while dealing with family stuff, feuding with a new competitor in town, and of course a little romance mixed in! Very cute and a good read!!

Book 13 was...
OK let me start with two words...LOVED THIS!! Now....if any of you watch Giuliana & Bill then you know the author of G's good friends who appears on the show often. I first heard of this book on the show when Giuliana and Bill did a reading for her.  Other than that, I hadn't heard really anything about this book, but  thought what the heck, downloaded it for our trip and that was that! Once I started it I could NOT put it down!! It is about Sophie Walker, who is on a much needed "escape from life" trip in the Maldives with her two best friends. There she meets Clayton. I'm not going to say much more...but I do need to say that it is kinda risque, but I'm telling you the characters are great, the story is well written and the ending is unexpected and leaves you wanting the sequel immediately! Which is coming! 

And #14 was...
In GA, before we began our trek home, I ran to Target to grab a book. I picked this one up for the cover, read the summary, and some reviews and thought it would be a good change of pace. The whole book takes place over dinner, where two families are brought together over a murder. It was good, not great for me. The basic storyline I liked, but the author kept flashing back to some things that, for me, were just not too relevant. It does make you think and pose some interesting questions about children and parenting! 
I am almost to the halfway point and have five more months to reach my goal! I'm hoping to make a little headway this month before the craziness of the Fall starts!!
I have a ton of books on my "to read"'s a little peek at what's next...

So, what are you reading, or want to read!?!? I'd love to hear!!

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Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing! Now I want to go check out Colette's book. I had no idea she was an author...clearly I haven't watched the latest season of G&B. I'm reading Orange is the New Black right now -it's great. I LOVED Eleanor and Park. I read it in just 2 days which for me is super fast.