Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Myrtle 2014

 Morning friends!! Well we survived our first big road trip and are home from vacation! We had an amazing trip and I am so thankful for all the fun memories we made together!
We left EARLY Saturday morning, like 3:45 early... thinking that the boys would sleep a good chunk of the morning, but NO!! They were ready to party....asking for breakfast at 4 and literally talking our heads off all the way to LA! No joke! Paul and I's plan backfired! Oh well!

I had seen these little road trip trackers on Pinterest and knew it was a great idea, especially when you have kids old enough to ask questions and know where they are! So I made one, hung it in the car, and each time we crossed a state line Lane would move the car close-pin over! There and back!

Driving there we were determined to get as far as we could without leaving alot left for Sunday, so we drove about 17 hours!! Crazy I know! But the car was stocked full of stuff to do, movies to watch, and snacks to eat!! Here is some pics from the road!

 We even made a stop by the Duck Dynasty shop! Lane loved that!

We drove all the way to Columbia, SC, spent the night, then had about a two and a half hour drive Sunday! We stayed at an amazing resort and had a great view! We spent every day at the beach, the pools, and the waterpark! We spent our evenings eating out, enjoying Broadway at the Beach, and two nights of miniature golf! I will admit the boys enjoyed the pool a little more than they did the ocean! But they had fun! I'm so glad that my mom got to come...great to visit and great to have extra hands! 
So here are a whole lot of pictures...
Beach Fun!!!

Pool & Waterpark Fun!!

Other Fun!!!
That's Lane in there! 

Myrtle has THE best putt-putt courses!

Fireworks one night!

And that's it folks!! Another family vacation in the books! I love making these memories with my boys!!

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