Monday, August 17, 2015

{NYC} Day 5

Friday morning we slept in a little....when we finally did get ready for the day we made our way back to Chelsea to the Chelsea Market! This is a food lovers dream...a whole market with any kind of food you can thing of! Really neat!

Inside it was so pretty!

After that we met up with Paul's cousin who lives in NYC for lunch right next door! It was so nice to see and visit with her! After lunch, it was finally time to wonder through Central Park! We went through Strawberry Fields, and saw some famous parts! We did not even come close to seeing the whole is so so big!!

Love this picture!!

Saw the Plaza Hotel walking out of Central Park! We walked through it and it was super fancy!

After a little rest it was time for the Yankee game!! This was number one on Paul's to do list while here!
Someone was pretty excited!! And check out that about cool!

Paul said he just wanted to see A-Rod hit a homerun, and sure enough he did!! 

We capped the night with burgers and fries at a diner before hitting the hotel. Our trip was over....sad day! But we had an amazing time in an amazing city!! I can't to go back one day!!! 

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