Friday, August 28, 2015

Ending Summer @ Six Flags

The weekend before school started was bring a friend free with your season pass, which we have, so we invited the Jones' to go with us as one last summer hooray!! It was seriously hot, but we had so much fun!! 

We stopped for some character pics first! We had only been in the park a total of three minutes, and look how sweaty!

We hit up kiddie land first, then made our way around the rest of the park!

The daddy's were good sports and rode a water ride with all four of them. They all got off completely soaked!

Mine train fun!

In line entertainment...pic courtesy of Claire! Thank goodness for free water!

Earlier this summer Lane just missed the height limit for the Giant, but not this time! He made it and was pumped!! Him, Megan, and I rode it and Lane loved I knew he would! Next up, the Titan!

And this was Claire' very first roller coaster, The Judge!! Such a moment should not go undocumented!! She loved it, and right after they rode with us, they ran and got their daddys and rode it again!!

Such a fun night with our favorite friends!!! Fright Fest is next!!

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