Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New York, New York!

On July 16 Paul and I celebrated our TEN year anniversary!!! We knew we were going to take a big trip somewhere, and after much debate, we picked NEW YORK!! I've been wanting to go like forever, and I finally won Paul over! We had an uh-mazing time!!! We have tons of pictures, so I'm going to recap like I did our Disney trips, a day at a time!!
We left bright and early on Monday the 13th...with all my flying essentials! 
(um, anyone else sad about Ben and Jen!?!)

Our first glimpse of the city via the taxi!

We arrived at our hotel for the week....the Waldorf!!! We checked in and wasted no time...we wanted to make the most of the day we had left. 

We headed straight for Times Square!!

It was everything I thought it would be...loud, bright, and crazy!

We found Carlo's Bakery (the Cake Boss), and shared a canoli!

After we explored Times Square a little, it was time for our Harbor Lights Cruise! After lots and lots of research, I read that this was a must, and what better way to introduce us to the city on our first night there!

It was a two hour cruise that started in the daylight and ended at night, so the views were just amazing!! I could post so many pictures!

Going under the Brooklyn Bridge!

Great view of the Freedom Tower!

The cruise stopped literally right in front of the Statue of Liberty! So pretty!

Night falling on the city!

I LOVED the cruise!!! Definitely a must do!! After the cruise we were getting a little tired from our day of travel and exploring, but were very hungry too, so we made our way to the Shake Shack back in Times Square for burgers, fries, and shakes! Yum YUM!!

It was a perfect first day! And we had a whole week ahead of us!!!!

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