Wednesday, July 29, 2015

{Scenes from Summer} Vol. 3

Hello Blog World!!!
I'm finally getting back to this little blog of mine! We are home from one amazing trip to New York, which those posts will be coming soon, and after a week with family, I am able to sit down and blog!!!
So I'm taking you back about two weeks before we left on our tip!!
We all loved cheering on our Women's team during the World Cup!! 

This year Gateway added a junior VBS for 4 and 5 year olds, so Levi was super excited it was his turn!!

A CFA meet up with our friends who moved to OK.

Right about this time my sister came in town to watch the boys for us! We had a free weekend before we left, so we hit up Frisco Fire Safety Town! Have you ever been there!?!?! I've heard about it but never gone, and oh my...this place was precious!! It's a whole little town set up with roads, stoplights, buildings, drive-thrus, a toll,  I mean adorable! And the kids get to drive power wheels and ride bicycles through it!! SO fun! The boys had a blast and did not want to leave!!

You can also explore a real fire truck...

And learn how to jump out of a window during a fire...

 I can't believe that we are almost to August! This summer is flying by!! I need to get busy with school supply shopping and all that fun stuff!! NYC posts will be coming soon!!!
Happy Wednesday!!!

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