Monday, July 25, 2011

My Little Dare Devil

Lane is my little dare devil! Yesterday we were at the mall picking up some soccer gear, when we came upon a bungee trampoline thingy. I kinda jokingly said "Oh Lane you wanna do that?" I expected him to say no, but he said yes! So we  paid, got in line and waited for his turn! Paul and I thought for sure he would watch the kids and change his mind! But oh no...he sat patiently and watched the kids in front of him with awe...

Then it was his turn!! He was such a big boy!! He climbed right on up and let the man buckle him in!

Ready to start jumping!

From the minute he started, his smile never left his face!!

Going high...

A little higher...

The first time he went this high he just started laughing out was so cute!!

He loved it!! I was so proud that he didn't get scared at all!! Now let's hope this isn't at the mall every time we go!!

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Dawn said...

That is so awesome!