Friday, July 29, 2011

Levi Austin: Three Months

How is it that we are already at three months??! I really wish time would slow down!! Not much has changed since last month.
So three months you are...
* Sleeping through the night!! You take your last bottle around 9:00 and sleep until 6:00...mommy and daddy are very appreciative!!
*You are still eating around 6 ozs. every four hours. Your morning bottle you take 7 ozs!
*You are trying to sit up all on your own! Why is it that both my boys want to do things early!!??
* You have excellent head control!! We are about to get you a Bumbo chair!!
*You love to "stand" on people's lap when they hold you! You are supporting your weight good!

*You love to "watch" your brother! You will watch him and follow him with your eyes!

*You are in size one diapers still and you are wearing anywhere from size 3 to 6 months clothes, depending on the brand!

I love love love this picture of you! Your daddy gets you smiling all the time!!
You are the sweetest little thing! You are growing way too fast and in a couple short weeks you will be starting daycare in the very same room your brother started in. Oh my!!

Happy 3 Months Little Man!!

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Brandon and Kensie said...

What a sweet chunk!!! TOO cute!