Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great Wolf

This summer we really wanted to take Lane back to Sea World, seeing how he loved it last year; however this extreme heat and a three month old just do not go together! There was no way I was taking Levi to Sea World and there was no way I was spending a whole weekend if I were to leave him. So instead we opted to stay close to home and go to the Great Wolf Lodge. My mom was in town so Levi spent the night with Grammie while Lane got some one on one mommy and daddy time! We also took along my cousin Jared! It was our first time there and we had alot of fun. This place is all geared towards kids, which makes it great!

Lane and Jared

While daddy was checking in, this is what Lane did, starred at the waterpark area from above!

View of the lobby

You'll notice in these pics that Lane was some new "cheese" face going on!!

Paul and I were constantly in the water with the boys, so I didn't get a whole lot of pics in the water. Lane tried the kid slides a couple of times, but wasn't a big fan.

View of the inside

Kid area

Outside area

At night they have a story time at the clock tower. Everyone comes down in their pj's...It was a cute little show.

They also have Magic Quest there! If you haven't done it, it is alot of fun! I first did it in Myrtle Beach. It's kinda like a Harry Potter -magic-hide and seek! You buy wands and go on these quests all through the hotel! Anyway we did that at night. Lane used my wand and he really thought he was playing! He loved it!!

Lane was spraying daddy!

Believe it or not it was freezing inside!! You would get out of the pool or off a slide and be shaking! So Lane's favorite thing was the hot tub!!

They next day, the people from Legoland were there set up in the lobby, so Lane wanted to play!

The boys had a great time and I'm sure we will be going back!!

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Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Lane is getting so big.