Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meeting Claire

This weekend the Furr fam made a quick trip down to Houston to meet our new niece, Claire! She arrived early and is seriously the tiniest baby I've ever held!! She has a head full of jet black hair, and is just as cute as can be! We spent Saturday just hanging out. The two big boys played non-stop all day. That evening they swam and we cooked out. It was a great time. I'm so glad we got down to visit, before our crazy Fall starts! Here are alot of pics from our weekend!
Sweet Claire

My sweet lil man

Two Sweet Peas! Levi looked huge next to her!

Paul holding both babies

The big boys swimming


Coen, Lane, and Claire
Lane kept asking about "Baby Cwaire"....those L's, I tell ya, they're tough stuff!

The four of them!!

My two boys!

Brother and Sister

Momma and Claire

Claire and Levi...ready to go bye-bye

This was on the ride home this afternoon! I had him going!!

Lane kept busy with the ipad
We had a great time visiting with family and meeting sweet Claire! She's definitely going to be the little princess of the family!! I can't wait to see her and Levi in a couple of months!

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Dawn said...

I love the close up picture of Paul holding Claire and Levi together...Levi's hands are so precious!! I can see you with a little girl someday! ;)