Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth...Sorta

A couple of weeks ago we took the boys to the circus! This was Lane's first time to go. I was very excited about taking him, because I just knew he would love it! Well, we got there early to do all the "preshow" stuff and it turned out that Lane did not like it. It was loud, there was a ton of people on the floor and it was just too much for him. So we went to our seats to watch all the fun from above!
This was the first time we really took both boys to something like this, and we definitely had our hands full! Between holding sno cones, corn dogs, Levi, a bottle, and M&Ms's I didn't really have a chance to take alot of pics!.
Once the show started Lane got interested. He loved the first couple of main acts...the elephants, the tigers, and the motorcycles. However, some of the acts lost his interest...the tightrope, clowns, the "freak show" acts...and right before intermisson he said "Let's get out of here"!! His exact words! So we decided to leave at intermission..but we only paid $8 a ticket, so I didn't feel bad!

It was a fun evening. If you ask Lane, he'll say he loved it...but he definitely enjoyed Toy Story 3 on Ice much better! I on the other hand, couldn't stop thinking back to Water for Elephants while there, ha!

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