Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Yesterday Lane had his very first soccer game of the season! Let me just say that the Strikers didn't do very much striking, ha!! We played the oldest team in the league (they were all 4/almost 5) and we are all 3, some newly 3! The boys did score some at the end though, even Lane, and they were all just as happy! Lane did a great job! He followed the ball and never whined or complained to come off the field! He kept saying "We beat the Matrix" and I just said "Yes you did baby!!
So here are a ton of pictures from his first game!!

He is sporting Aunt Brittany's soccer number!!!
For some reason he wanted me to take a picture of his number!

Pre-Game warm-up!! I love that their uniforms completely cover their little bodies up!!
Lane's in action here!

Pre-game pep Coach Paul...Coach daddy according to Lane!

Warm-up goal shots

Levi of course was sleeping

Game Time!
Getting them all set up took a bit!

Paul making sure they all know what goal to go to!

Lane kicking in

Mommy, I need water!!

Lane on the move!

He scored here!!

After game huddle! They had no clue they got whooped, ha!!

Lane and Grayson

My three boys! All in green!

Here's to the beginning of a fun soccer season!!! Go Strikers!

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