Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's all the fuss?

If you live anywhere in the DFW Metroplex, then you have seen and heard first hand all the hype about In-Out Burgers coming to Texas! It's been crazy seeing people standing in massive lines in anticipation for these to open! 
But I did fall victim to all the hype and have been wanting to go and try this place..however, the nearest one to us at the time was in Allen and  I couldn't convince Paul to make the drive for a burger...he's not one for all the hype! BUT, last Thursday the one in Ft. Worth opened and since it was alot closer, convincing Paul was much easier! So Sunday we met some family there to try it out!
It was packed and the drive through line was a mile long!! I've never seen anything like this for just a burger! But they were extremely fast and we didn't wait long at all. Overall I thought the burgers were decent...Were they the greatest? NO ....Would I eat there again? Yes. I actually liked the fries the best!

It was a fun little experience and I can now say I've eaten there...for whatever that's worth!

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Rachel and Matt said...

I had the same thought! We ate at one when we were in Utah a few weeks ago and I was not really that impressed. So who knows, maybe we are missing something... :)