Monday, October 31, 2011

Sometimes Being a Brother is Even Better than Being a Superhero -Marc Brown

A friend showed me this quote and I think it fits the occassion perfectly!! These boys don't understand it yet, but one day they will!!
Tonight was another fun filled Halloween! Lane was over the top excited about trick-or-treating this year!!! In part because he has been so excited about wearing his costume!!
And Levi had his first Halloween!! He enjoyed trick-or-treating from the comfort of his stroller! He loved it...just sat and watched!
.When Lane told me he wanted to be Batman this Halloween, I knew exactly what Levi would be...I mean there will be a time when I can't really have my say with both boys!!
I think these two are the cutest little superheros!! This mommy is super blessed to have them both!!

Favorite quote of the night...."If I ring the doorbell twice they'll give me two pieces of candy"! Precious boy!!!


...someone was a little interested in the grass!!!
Happy Halloween!!!

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Kyle and Marci said...

LOVE their costumes and Lane's question is priceless!