Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Never Say Never

For as long as I can remember, I have never ever liked Nascar. I've always mocked it...thought it wasn't a sport..and just down right hated it! I've always said that it's just a bunch of cars driving in a circle, and no way I would ever go to a race. EVER!!!
Well....guess where I am going Sunday....
yep to a Nascar race!!
Never say never huh!?!?
So what changed....well it's sweet Lane...who is a NASCAR freak at this point in his little life!! He knows the name and number of every driver. Can look at a car and tell you whose it is. Knows what cautions are, knows when drivers are racing with different cars, and all about what goes on at pit road!!
I tell ya..he is very into it! Paul took him to a NationWide Race last year, and knew this year he wanted to get tics to the Sprint Cup Race.. (look at me...I'm even talking Nascar lingo!) Paul asked if I wanted to go, and even though I never thought I would say yes, I did! There will be nothing better than seeing his sweet little face on Sunday...and how could I miss that!!
And not only did Paul get race tickets...he splurged and got Pit Passes for all of us!! He will say for Lane...but I know he secretly wanted them to ;)
So hopefully Lane will get to see and meet some of his favorite drivers...and I'll be keeping my eyes out for Mr. Jimmie Johnson ;)

So any tips on surviving a Nascar race???
Oh the things we do for our kids!!


Brittany Stokes said...

You sound like the Biebs with all your Never Say Never stuff!

Jamie said...

Take ear plugs! I can't wait to see pics!!