Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Trip to the Speedway

Race Day finally got here this past Sunday!! Lane woke up SO excited! He could hardly wait to go. We got out there about 10:30 and the weather was pretty cloudy, but not hot at all.

Here is my little man @ Texas Motor Speedway!

 Daddy and Lane

A glimpse of the infield...waiting in line to get there!

On the track!!!

Tony Stewart's Crew Stand

 In front of Allmindinger's car

We got a great spot to watch all the cars being pushed out to pit road! Lane was glued to the fence watching as each car passed by! He would shout out the drivers name of each car! These guys next to us couldn't believe that a three year old was spouting all this out!!

Here are some of the cars that passed by
(Lane wanted me to include these particular drivers!)

We sat in turn 4 and had a great view of the entire track!! My favorite part was definitely the beginning, when they took a couple of laps then took off! The loudness was crazy!! But it was so fun! Lane did awesome the whole race!!

They had Tony Stewart's car in Victory Lane before the race!

Daddy and Lane got a close up peek into Trevor Bayne's car!

Wheeling Stewart's car to get in position!

The Fly by!

I love these next two pictures...Lane's sweet little captured by the race!!

He got a souvenir and played with it a bit!

And Stewart won!! This pic is a bit blurry!!

Lane loved loved loved the race!! He is still talking about it!
I have to share the funny side note....b/c it is so ironic!
When Lane was just a baby (7 months) we were eating at Christina's in Trophy Club, the night before a race. All the sudden Paul goes oh my goodness I think that is Tony Stewart sitting next to us. Well at the time I had NO clue who he was...nor did I really care, ha! But Paul did. So he googled him, showed me a pic to compare, and I was like yea I think that's him! So after some hush talking and many peeks towards his table, Paul leaned over and struck up a small conversation and got an autograph for Lane!!

So how ironic is it that at Lane's very first Nascar race...Tony Stewart won it!! Too neat!!
Anyway we all had a great time and I definitely would go back again!!

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Jamie said...

that's awesome! I'm so glad yall had a great time.