Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Game of the Season

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early for Lane's last game of the season! He loves soccer and has loved playing this Fall! He knew every Thursday when I picked him up from school that he had practice, and every Saturday he was ready to play! Lane made some sweet little friends...and overall we've had a great little season!!
Lane scored five goals yesterday! He is my little soccer star!!
Warming up

It waited till the last game to get cold!

My other cutie pie trying to stay warm

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3...
his other two I got on video!!

Pep talk

Since it was the last game....during the last quarter they let all the boys on the field!

The highlight for Lane was getting his trophy!!

So proud of him!!

His cute little team!!

Such a great first soccer experience!

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