Friday, May 24, 2013

{5 on Friday}

Darci over at The Good Life is hosting a fun Friday link up, so I'd thought I'd join in! And, right now it is 9:30, so I can still make it, ha!!
So here's my FIVE random things I'm loving today.....
My new camera strap that came on Monday! Perfect colors for the summer!
This is my favorite pin of the week! Who would not love to sit and work at this desk!? This tutorial for a super cute mouse pad is very easy and has me planning my next IKEA run!
Okay, anyone else out there watching Nashville!? I LOVE this particular Mr.  Deacon!! Sad to see it go for the summer.
The first week of Ft. Worth Moms Blog being live! Go check it out if you haven't...and Ft. Worth mommas, there is an awesome giveaway over there today!
And lastly, I'm just glad it's a three day weekend!!!! And add to that, that I have only EIGHT days of school left, holla!!!!
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!
Oh, and what's your FIVE ON FRIDAY!?!?!
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stephanie said...

Love that desk pad tutorial! Had fun getting to hang out on the field trip yesterday(:

Brooke Norville said...

I am slightly obsessed with the show Nashville! I recently went to Nashville for the 1st time and loved seeing all the places they mention!!
I need to make that mouse pad! Too fun!
...and I love your new cam strap!

Isis Hargrave said...

I am obsessed with Nashville! The last episode was so crazy... definitely can't wait for it to come back on!