Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew! What a fun weekend we had!! And now I have a bad case of the Monday blues on this Tuesday morning! But I keep reminding myself only 8 more days of school!!!
We had a great fun filled weekend! 
Saturday started early with a birthday party for sweet little Preston, who turned two! Katie put together an adorable puppy dog themed party!
Lane & Braedon

Morgan, Preston, and Levi enjoying cupcakes...our sweet new neighbors! Lots of fun times ahead with these three!

Saturday evening we sent the boys with my aunt and her family to the new drive in theater in Ft.Worth!! They saw Epic and they both loved the drive in!! Paul and I will have to go check it out soon! Paul and I spent our kid free night with new friends! Dinner, drinks, and more drinks, ha! It was a fun night!!
On Sunday we slept in till 10!!!! Crazy! That never happens!!! Once we picked up the boys we headed to a friends house for a little Pre-K end of the year pool party! Lane had a blast! I just love these kids!

The boys were exhausted that night, and went to bed early!

Yesterday we woke up to grey that nixed any swimming plans we had! We lounged around, then finally got out for lunch and some shopping! I picked up my next book at Target and I am so ready to begin it....

I will read ANY book by this author! His first two novels were amazing, especially A Thousand Splendid Suns! So good!! Hopefully this one is just as good! I'll let ya know!
We ended our long weekend by having some friends over and grilling out! Perfect end to our weekend!
Now if I can just make it through the next two weeks! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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