Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday!! Let's back up to Sunday night...we had the family over for a little pre birthday celebration! My aunt made a yummy cake, cupcakes, and chocolate covered strawberries!

Everyone hung outside, the kids played, and Paul grilled hamburgers!
Lane and Claire jumping

and sliding
Aunt Holly with Levi

Me and the birthday boy!
Sibling love!
So thankful for everyone coming over and hanging out!
My boys!
Which brings us to today...Paul's 31st birthday!! Around 10:30 Paul and I got a call from the boys' school informing us that Levi had taken a pretty bad fall, busted his lip, and that they think it's deep enough to need some stitches!
Thankfully Paul was able to go get the little dude, and proceeded to spend the next FIVE hours with him at Cooks which resulted in FIVE stitches for my little man. Definitely not how Paul envisioned spending his birthday, but nonetheless he was super daddy today and took good care of Levi!!
Here he is minutes after the procedure....which Paul said Levi did awesome in!! I swear, he is our tough one for sure!!
And stinker managed to get a popsicle out of them!
I met the boys at Cheesecake for a birthday dinner. The pain meds were coming off, and Levi was letting us know about it, ha! It was still a good time!

Our sweet waiter took our pic! You can see Levi wanted daddy's ice cream!

Well our first stitches are in the books! Even though I'm not thrilled about it, I know that with two boys, there are bound to be more stitches ahead!
Happy Birthday Paul...I know you are reading this....Thank you for taking care of our baby today!! Sorry your day was spent in a hospital room, ha!!Another year spent together!! Love you babe!!

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Laura said...

Ugh! Poor baby! We've made it 6 1/2 years with kids and no major injuries so far. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping real hard that it stays that way because I am such a sissy when it comes to stuff like that!