Monday, February 4, 2013

First Read of the Year and other Happenings

Happy Monday friends!!! This weekend went by entirely too fast. Friday evening I had some girl time with my new friend and neighbor, Katie!! We went and got pedis...much overdue for me....and then went to a pizza and wine bar for dinner! Such a fun night! Meanwhile, the boys went to McDonald's and Home Depot!
Saturday was spent outside and hanging out at the house. That night Paul and I finally got a somewhat date night! We went to dinner and then came home and rented Trouble with the Curve. I had to post this pic...On our way to Arlington to drop the kids off with my aunt, it was super bright and Lane kept asking us to block the sun! Well we looked back and he had solved his problem...with his goggles!!
Sunday we had Lane's last indoor game. So glad that's over!

Love how all three of them are looking at their momma's camera!
Moving on....I finished my first book of 2013!! My book club has kinda taken a "hiatus" from I haven't read anything since probably November. I've been itching to read something, but just had no time over the holidays! So anyway...I have several books on my "wait list"!! But I chose to start with...
This was hands down one of my favorite books!!
I read a review on a blog once...and although I can't remember it exactly, I remember words like "best read of my summer", "won't want to put down", and "you must go get this book"! So I listened and went and got it!
Here is a quick synopsis:
Alice wakes up after falling at the gym and thinks she is 29, happily married, and pregnant with her first child. In reality though she is 39, has three kids, and is going through a divorce!! She has literally lost ten years worth of memory!!
It was SO good...I started this Friday and finished Sunday morning! I didn't want to put this book down!! I love it when that happens!! It's such a witty, heart warming story. Definitely need to put on your "wait list"...and maybe go ahead and move it to the top!
This week is pretty chill, not alot going on. I'm pumped for two days worth of Bachelor though, anyone else!!??
I can't believe it's February!! Mr. Hubby turns 31 in a little over a week!! Valentine's is coming up, and outdoor soccer starts! Oh and I am about to hit "party planning Tara mode"! Two birthday's within two months...yea me!

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Laura said...

hahaha... I laugh at your "two birthdays in two months". We have three in eight days! Liza is Sept 22, I'm Sept 25 and my husband is Oct 1. It's always exhausting and we don't even really do parties!

I've heard of the book. Will have to get it from the library... as soon as I finish the other three books I am currently reading!