Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Mondays

Happy Monday!
As of this evening we officially have 26 days left of ScHoOl!!! Can ya tell I am so ready for summer!
Sunday we took Lane out to the horse races for the first time. We were celebrating my cousin Amanda's 22nd birthday. All the family went, so I knew I would have lots of hands to help me with Lane. He LOVED it! I couldn't tell you how many times I heard "horsey"! He would say "go horsey" and right after they finished the race he would say "more, more"!
Here is my handsome little thing on our way! With daddy...please excuse the beer...didn't have time to edit these =)
Waiting on the race
With Bre-bre and Aunt Terry
With Amanda
After a long day we were hungry so we headed to one of our favorite pizza places in Keller. Lane chowed down on pizza and ranch!
Yummy yummy!!

Such a big boy!

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Leslie said...

I totally saw your comment on Kacies blog.. and was like.. wait a minute... thats Paul... I knew him from Northside.. cute blog... cute cute Lane.... cute family...
nice to see Paul as a dad, and how happy you all look.. just had to peek in... say hi...
nice to "meet" Pauls bride.