Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it Monday already?! We had a nice, fun weekend. Friday night we decided to make it family movie night! After grabbing dinner at Snuffers, we picked up a slice of very yummy cheesecake from CF, picked up Epic on the way home, and enjoyed the movie in our media room! Lane had seen it before, but it was the first time for Paul and I, and I must say it was not bad!
Saturday morning we had two games and pictures! Luckily, we got all three in before the rain hit! Lane did great in both games! He scored two goals in his soccer game and went three for three at hitting in his baseball game! We are doing coach pitch this season, so we was very excited he hit!

Is there anything cuter than a five year old in a baseball uniform, I mean seriously!?!

Saturday night Paul and I had date pictures, but we enjoyed a nice meal than drinks with some friends after!
Sunday was gorgeous!! So my aunt and I decided to take the boys out to Six Flags for a couple of hours. Having passes makes it super easy to go whenever we want! We got there right as the park opened, so we zipped right through the park, getting through in four hours!! They got to ride everything they wanted, some even two times without even getting off the ride! That almost never happens!  This weekend was opening weekend of Fright Fest, so the boys got to trick-or-treat through Looney Tunes land! They had a blast and it was a great afternoon to be out there!

And we ended our weekend with a crazy ordeal. We decided to try a BBQ place in Southlake that we've heard good things about. No more than two minutes after getting our food, Levi falls backward in his chair. He starts screaming and we immediately see nothing but blood pouring from his mouth. Between him crying and coughing up blood, I really thought it was his teeth or something. There was SO much, I was a panic and we just tried to calm him down. A sweet guy came over to distract Lane, and we finally got Levi calmed down enough for us to stop the bleeding. We thought we were going to have to go to the ER, but thankfully it stopped. From what we could see he took a pretty big chunk out of his tongue. It was gross, but hopefully it will heal. Poor thing woke up this morning and his speech was a bit slurred! I don't do blood well, so it totally scared this mommy. Quite the dinner!
After we all ate finally, I wanted to find this new park that I had been hearing about. It is in Grapevine and it is the neatest park ever!! So much for kids to do!! If you live in the area, check it out! Even though it was kinda late on a school night, we let the boys play for about twenty minutes and they did not want to leave!! We will for sure be going back!

Well this turned out to be a super long post, ha!! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!
And I'm blogging today over at Ft. Worth Moms Blog about local pumpkin patches!! Check it out...tomorrow is October!!!

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