Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Organized: Lunch Drawer

Awhile back I instagramed about a lunch planner I made to help me tackle making Lane's lunches everyday, and I must say that I love it! I plan out his lunches on Sunday nights, and each morning I don't have to think one bit!! I just look at the day and grab/make whatever it is I wrote! Totally worth the five or so minutes it takes on Sunday!

With that said, I have found myself rummaging through the pantry and a couple of different cabinets and drawers each morning, gathering things to assemble his lunch...which to me needed to be fixed. A "one stop shop" needed to be!
Enter our new lunch drawer!!!

First up, I cleared out a drawer that was housing some random stuff that I just moved around to another. Second, I gathered everything I used for lunches. Third, I made our drawer!
So here is what is inside:
1. Snack baggies
2. Rubber cupcake molds (for small stuff)
3. Basket that holds napkins and spoons
4. Lunch note stickers (found @Walmart)
5. Sandwich container
6. Small plastic cups w/lids
7. Most used cookie cutters for sandwiches
And that my friends is our lunch drawer! I am loving it!! It really makes packing a lunch super simple! Aside from getting the actual food, I literally pull open ONE drawer!!
Happy almost Friday!!

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