Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is the third year for Lane to go Trick-or-Treating, but the first year where he really knew what he was doing! He had so much fun. Nana, Aunt Terry and Bre-Bre came over to go with us!
Here is my little man all ready to go! The costume did not come with these toy wings. He got those for his birthday back in March, but I thought this was a perfect addiction, just to make him more Buzz like!!

On the hunt for candy!

We had talked all day about saying "trick-or-treat" and he said it over and over. However, when he went to a door, he would ring the doorbell and immediately say "trick-or-treat"! Before anyone answered!

Daddy helping

There were these twin boys who were gnomes!!! Precious!!

And when the night was over, he came home, dumped his candy stash out, and was so excited! Of course we let him have some! Here was his first choice!! Chocolate, of course!