Friday, December 5, 2014

Disney Day 1: Arrival & Downtown Disney

Well we survived another trip to Disneyland....and it was awesome!! We loved last year's trip so much that we did it again!! It was a great week and the boys, again, had a blast!! Well, we all did really! 
Just like last year, I am going to document our trip by days! It helps me keep calm while sorting through ALL the pictures we took!!
So here we go....Day 1: Arriving & Downtown Disney!!!

We left the Sunday before Thanksgiving and unlike last year, had a direct flight to Anaheim, which was great! The boys did great on the plane, but I can't say that that was the smoothest flight! We hit the worst turbulence I have ever gone through and I was very close to texting loved ones! NO LIE! But we made it.

We got to Anaheim around 12:30 or so, got to our hotel, ate lunch, waited on our room, then finally checked in. It was about 2:00 and we were able to get settled in the room and watch a movie before heading over to Downtown Disney for the evening!

We walked through the Grand Californian on our way to DD, it was so pretty inside...

 and had this huge gingerbread house, made out of real gingerbread, that smelled amazing!

We visited the lego store while waiting for dinner...

The Cowboys were playing that night and Paul didn't want to miss it, so we ate at the ESPN Zone at DD and had a front row table to a wall full of TV's....daddy was in sport heaven!

Even though it was only around 5, Levi was still on Central Time and fell asleep!

A little after half time we left and went back over to the Lego store to let Lane build and race Lego cars!

It was a good travel day and a great night!! Up next California Adventures!!

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