Monday, April 14, 2014

Link Up: What's On.....Your DVR

It's Monday! We had a nice little weekend ending with our neighborhood Easter Party, that was loads of fun, post coming later on that! But today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for a fun new Monday link up series!!

I will totally confess that I am a TV junkie! The hubs would say a reality TV junkie, and I sadly have to agree! I love a good reality show, ha! However 90% of what I watch is DVR'd, because lets be real here, with three boys in the house our tvs are usually tuned into whatever sport game that is in season, NASCAR, ESPN, Longhorn Network, or Disney Jr!
So here is what's on my DVR!!!!
First up my two favorite dramas right now...
 Okay so I secretly want to be a Braverman! Hands down my favorite show right now. I cry in almost every single episode, which is a sign of great writing!! 

And Nashville....great storylines, great characters, great singing, and alot of eye candy!!!

Moving onto Reality...
 Big Brother is my go to reality show of the summer!! LOVE IT!

Amazing race...I may or may not have auditioned for this show with my college roomie! 

Yes, I'm a sucker for this franchise! 

I watch two Real Housewives regularly, the OC and Jersey! 

Love HH...I just have this thing about looking at houses! However I almost never agree with the house the people choose!

And my absolute fav...Giuliana & Bill! I want to be her BFF, she is hilarious as can be, and Bill, what's not to love there!

So, that's what you can find any given night on my DVR! Thanks for hosting this fun link up Andrea!!

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