Thursday, April 17, 2014

{30 Book Challenge} 7th Book Review

I am kinda obsessed with Rob Lowe, I mean really, who wouldn't be!? So back in 2011 when his first book came out, I was eager to read it. I don't read a lot of memoirs (trying to remedy that), but I couldn't put that book down! I got pulled into his fascinating life with stories of growing up in Hollywood! He had a crazy young adulthood!

I didn't even know he was writing a new book until a few months ago, and I had it on my Amazon Wishlist. I happened to be at Target the day it came out, so I picked it up.  

Like his first, he told some crazy stories. This one definitely was more reflective and lesson learning in nature. It dealt with family life more, raising his sons, and sending them off, which be forewarned, I cried all through that chapter! I thought of Lane as I read every word. I love his books because we get a peek into Hollywood, a world in which most of us will never know!
A couple quotes that stood out...
From the chapter A Boy, the one in which I cried through....he was talking about his boys and how close they were, "Life is breaking up the team that kept me in loving consternation until all hours of the morning and throughout those never-ending summer nights." It was a sweet, however very real, reminder to me that the things that sometime drive us crazy and the many more things that will as the boys grow up, will one day come to a stop. Which is hard to think about. I love how we refers to his sons as "the team"...I can only hope my own boys will be that close!
And my personal favorite, in the chapter No Comparison, when he is talking about focusing on his marriage and what that might look like after kids are gone, he says..."After a long day at work, it was sometimes easier to hop in bed with the kids, read Harry Potter and fall asleep with them than to do the late-night catch-up of the daily minutiae of running a house, businesses and marriage.  But the kids will only be as happy as their parents, which is something to be remembered in our age of total emotional focus on our children." Not only do I love this quote because it is so totally true, but the fact that he was able to work Harry Potter into his book is pure awesomeness! Knowing Rob Lowe is a Potter fan makes smile!!
He ends it with "Our life is ours.  It is the only one we will ever have.  And we should love it." Amen brother!

So I would totally recommended it! 5 Stars!

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