Saturday, March 31, 2012

Levi Austin: 11 Months

On Thursday you turned 11 months old!
One more short month until you turn one! I can't believe it!
This was quite a month for you...let's see...

You started to walk. You are not walking full time but you are taking several steps in a row!
You cut another tooth, which brings your tooth count to 5!!

You are pretty much OVER your bottle and your baby food! You are taking, on average, about two full bottles a just won't drink them anymore! And you are loving table food! Whenever anyone around you is eating, you think you have to have a bit, ha!
Whenever we are at a resturant, you scream till we feed you!

Just this week we turned you around in your seat. We simply could not buckle your infant carrier were busting out of it!

You still love your baths, being outside, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and your paci!
You learned how to clap, and are too cute when you do it!

You truly are the happiest baby (unless you have a severe ear infection, then game over, ha!) You are always smiling!

Lane was wanting some picture love too!!
We are beyond blessed by your sweet face!!  Love you little man!!

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