Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're Back!

Well we are back from our amazing trip to the Bahamas! It was definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to Atlantis, however, there was nothing more I wanted to do than to get home to see my two babies!! I took Monday off to enjoy the day with them before heading back to work! I definitely have the summer itch right was so hard coming back to work today, but at least I have Spring Break to look forward to!
Our house is a mess...laundry is piled up...and I'm going to be trying to get all caught up at I am going to try to find time to squeeze in blogging our trip and blogging about our kiddo's time away! Let me tell you they had a vacation themselves!! From Chucky Cheese to the zoo and alot more...they had a blast in Waco with my family!
The next two weeks is going to be wild and crazy around here! My mom, sister and nephew are coming in!! And in the coming weeks I have a Bachelorette party to plan and host, a trip to the dentist for Lane (yikes), a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, a 30th b-day party for my bestie, and TWO birthday parties for my sweeties back to back!!
It never stops for us..but I wouldn't change it!! Have a great week and I promise to get some posts coming!!

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