Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Year of Fun Dating: March Date

For Valentine's Day this year, I was struggling with what to get Paul. He is so hard to buy for. After seeing a couple different ideas on Pinterest and a blog, I decided to make something....and this is what came out...

A Year of Fun Dating
So what is a year of fun dating? Well, I thought it would be neat to come up with one date for the next year! But these weren't just any ole dates. We kinda get stuck in the "date rut" know dinner and a movie...which is great, but I thought since I was doing this...why not change it up. So for this little experiment, I came up with 12 dates that are all new things we have never done together!

I brainstormed the dates, typed them up, and put them together in a cute little book. All the dates are sealed, and on the beginning of each month Paul will open the "date card" and see what we get to do that month!
I am excited about all the dates, and Paul is pretty excited about it too! It'll be fun seeing his reaction to each of them. Date Night is something Paul and I treasure and think is so important and healthy to a marriage.
So here is our March Date....

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