Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{Summer Camp #4} Ranger Mini Camp

Last week Lane attended his last camp of the summer, Ranger Mini Camp! He had been looking forward all summer long for it and was pumped Monday morning!! Somehow we managed to be in Arlington each morning by 8:15!!

Lane's good friend Titus was at camp with him. This was their second year to do it together!! 

There were six groups in all. Lane and Titus were in group 3 with Coach Roger.

The  first day they focused on hitting and fielding.


The second and fourth day they got to walk over to the actual Ballpark for hitting practice in the Ranger's cages! I think this is what he loves the most about camp.

The third day they focused on fielding.

Wednesday was also game day for groups 3 and 4!! Some of the family came out to watch him!!

The last day they worked on throwing technique, went to the cages, then ended the day with awards!
Love this face!!

Fun side note...Jon Daniels, the Ranger GM, his kid was at camp with Lane! So I snapped a pic of him, ha!

Lane had a great week at camp!! 

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