Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Organized: What's for Lunch?

I have to say...I have been completely spoiled by SSA! Not once, except with baby food, have I had to send a packed lunch to school for the boys!! So now, here I am realizing that in a short week I will be having to pack a lunch! Yikes!!
The lunch box is bought and ready! And to keep me from running around in the morning trying to think what to send, and to keep me from sending the same meal three days in a row, I came up with a little lunchbox printable!! 
I'm going to try and roughly plan out Lane's lunches for the week on Sundays. Again, hopefully this will help me from overloading him on Lunchables, ha! I could only fit three weeks worth on one page, but that's okay! And I even made it in his school colors!

Let me know if you want one, I'd be happy to send one your way!
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