Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rangers Mini Camp Day 3

Day three of camp focused on throwing. They were taught right form and then got to practice! In the first drills they were aiming at a ball on a tee.

They also got to go back into the Ballpark to the Rangers' batting cages!

Love my boy!

These next couple of pics were from the Camp staff. Parents are not allowed to go into the Ballpark with them, so it was neat to get some shots of them inside!

After camp we hung around in Arlington and went to Stefanie's house to have a little playdate! The water cooled them right off.

Levi and his own little pool!

Tomorrow is our last day of camp! Lane has had a blast going and I'm sure will be sad to not wake up each morning and play a little baseball!

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Dawn said...

Looks like Lane is having a BLAST at camp!