Saturday, December 4, 2010

AZ Day 2: Tombstone

On Monday we ventured out to Tombstone. It's only about a thirty minute drive from my sister's house. It was a neat little western town. Lane was very excited to see some cowboys!

We got there around lunch time so we decided to grab some lunch. One day while back, Paul and I were watching some show on the Food Network I think and they were showing cool places in different cities. Well they featured Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone...legendary because Kate was who Doc Holiday liked. Anyway we said we should go there when we go to AZ. So we did!

 Paul drinking the famous Big Nose Kate drink...I think we would of rather had a beer, but I inisisted he try it for me!

The boys at lunch...Brody was in a good mood...Lane was not...he had just seen a train and did not want to leave it! (Notice their adorbale Buzz and Woody shirts!)

After lunch and some shopping, we headed to the O.K, Corral for some gun shooting renactment!

 Before the show daddy just had to buy Lane his first toy gun, you know to fit in with the surroundings and all! He looked so cute with the holder on...and he kept saying I'm gonna shoot those cowboys!

 Lane proved not to be so brave once the show started! He very quickly got scared, so I had to leave with him part way through! Brody however didn't mind the gun shots at all!

It was a fun afternoon visiting such a famous place!

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