Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trains at Northpark

On Saturday we ventured over to Dallas to take Lane to see the Trains at Northpark mall. I knew that this was a must this year for obvious reasons! I must first mention the parking experience we had. We pulled into the mall at 2:14 and did not pull into a spot until 3:05! Yes, talk about ridiculous!! It was insane, Paul and I both were seriously about to lose it, but we knew we couldn't leave b/c our precious boy would have been heartbroken! So, once we parked we were off!

Upon entering they gave the kiddos these cute little conductor hats...

Then you step into a room full of trains. There was so much to look at!

We just let Lane lead the way. We probably went around the room at least ten times! It was so fun just watching Lane! He definitely was in heaven!

We had a great time and this will definitely be a new Christmas tradition for us!

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