Sunday, December 12, 2010

This and That

I'm trying to catch up on all my posts, so this post is kind of everywhere. Since we have a son who is obssessed with trains this year, we decided to put a train around our Christmas tree. We were at Home Depot when we spotted it and knew we had it get it! When Lane came home that evening, he was so excited! He must of started it about 50 times and sat and watched it for hours! He loves his train and I think we made a wise investment!
He loves to lay on the floor and watch it

A couple of Friday's ago, I got together with my book club gang for a little Christmas craft night. On the agenda, wreaths! We found one we wanted to make, bought all the ornaments and got started!
Here was everyone's ....I'd say we all did a pretty good job!

My finished product

And I leave you with this sweet boy...and his Rudolph...

Starting tomorrow I have four and a half days until winter break! I actually don't mind going tomorrow, just so we can get this week started! Check back soon for the awesome trains at Northpark fun we had and our first family attempt at gingerbread house making...or in our case...gingerbread train making, HA!

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