Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's in Your Bag Link Up!

It's Thursday people!! Today we are going to have a little fun and what's more fun than peeking inside other peoples bags!! So I am linking up with Chelsea at The Perfect Catch and Ashley at Newlyweds & Nesting to reveal "What's in my bag"!

First I have to admit that I am a "bag girl". Some people buy shoes, some people buy clothes, me...I'd rather buy a purse/bag over anything! And I like big purses, can't be anything to small! 
Also, with my boys at 5 and 2 and a half, I am at the point in life where I usually am diaper bag free...I'll say it again....diaper bag free!! You really don't know how amazing that feels, almost enough to make me not want baby #3, ha!! Unless we are going somewhere that I know I'll need extra things for Levi, I just toss it in my purse!! It's awesome!
So what's inside my bag?? Well, take a look....

First my bag..the Michael Kors tote...LOVE IT...can't say it enough!!

1. Erin Condren Planner...with me at all times!
2. I usually always have a book with me....again it's why I like big bags!
3. Random cute Fossil bag....will take a closer look below!
4. Diapers and wipes....I just toss them in! Not seen is snacks. I always grab a few snacks whenever we go out.
5. My Coach wallet...gotta have that!
6. Keys
7. Phone

Now for a peek inside the small bag...

Basically it has a ton of little things....
lip gloss
chap stick
and a random usb! Not sure why that's in there!

So that's what goes with me everywhere! Play along and link up! Can't wait to "peek" inside yours!!

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Ashley Bouwer said...

Love Mary Kay Andrews - Christmas Bliss is on my Christmas list this year! I love the others in that series. Thanks for linking up :)

Jessi Otey said...

Wow I completely forgot to add my cell phone! Love your bag btw thanks for sharing!

Chelsea said...

Diaper bag free...what? There is such a thing?? Love your bag so much. I always have my EC Planner with me too, but I usually throw it in my backseat since it's kind of heavy. Thanks for linking up with us Tara!

Jessi Otey said...

Tara! the printable monogram you like is from here I believe or try for chic sake! :)