Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Weekend

Other than holidays or birthdays, there are two weekends a year that Lane looks forward to...and those are when Nascar comes to town! This weekend was full on racing!
Friday night started off with the truck series race. We had lots of extra tickets, so we invited our good friends, the Colletts, to join us!! It was also Levi's first race of any kind!! He LOVED it and did so good. He just sat and watched! He kept his headphones on the whole time and didn't complain once! He even fell asleep with about 20 laps left! How that happens I don't know! It was a perfect race for him because it was a quick race and there wasn't a whole lot of people there!

Then on Saturday was the Sprint Cup race. Paul and Lane went and Lane had a blast! 

Lane sporting his Tony Stewart jacket!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!
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