Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fellowship Friends Thanksgiving

Well folks we are back from Disney! It was a wonderful trip and we all had so much fun! The boys did great and absolutely loved it! I took well over 600 pictures, so needless to say my Disney posts are not ready, no where near ready, ha! But they will be coming, trust me!
Before the craziness of Christmas fun hits, I need to make sure I post a few things that we did right before our trip!
The week before Thanksgiving break Levi's preschool had their feast at school and invited all the parents up. Well Lane got sick Tuesday night (bad sick) and missed school Wednesday. So Paul and I tagged teamed it, he went to Levi's feast while I stayed home with Lane man.  Paul was on strict pictures taking orders from me, and while he did good he failed to take one of him and Levi! Oh well!

Levi was thankful for eating!

They did a little performance before lunch. Paul said Levi just stood there!

So thankful for this little turkey!

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