Sunday, December 2, 2012

North Pole Breakfast 2012

Saturday morning was a special day, our family Elf, Bernard, arrived for the Christmas season. We celebrated by having our second annual North Pole Breakfast!!!
Lane has been asking me when he was coming, so Saturday morning he woke up to find Bernard had arrived AND had brought some breakfast and a few surprises with him!
"Snow covered donuts"

Lane checking everything out!
First thing he went for was the "Elf Kisses"!
We then read the letter that Bernard left for the boys...
Levi was just ready to eat some good 'ole donuts!
Bernard brought each of the boys a small gift...just something to get the boys in the Christmas spirit!

Lane got some cool Spiderman bubble bath!
And Levi got...
a cute little football ornament for his tree!

Bernard also left a little something for both boys to enjoy...

 The Elf on the Shelf movie!!! So cute, and Lane has already watched it about 10 times, no lie!! Thank goodness it's only about 30 minutes long, ha!
Bernard brought lots of sugary treats from the North Pole, so of course we couldn't say no!!
Lane was sweet to open some kisses for his brother.
I love this look at I can really have this!!
Lane even gave  Bernard a kiss!

 The boys had such a fun morning! All during breakfast, Lane asked me all sorts of serious questions about Bernard and the rest of the Elfs!! He is very into it this year...the first thing he did this morning was tell Paul, "Let's go find the Elf"!
I love this time of year, I love sweet fun traditions with my boys, and I love that they, well Lane mainly right now, truly believes!!
So Bernard is here and ready to report to Santa each night!
Another fun North Pole Breakfast!!!

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