Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Train @ Northpark

Sunday, after Lane's soccer game, we headed over to the Trains at Northpark! Northpark mall is so pretty during the holidays! After grabbing lunch at the food court, we made our way to the exhibit.
Last time we where here it was just Lane man! I knew Levi would like it b/c he is just now getting into trains!
In case you haven't been there...there are trains everywhere! It's a room full of them! So much to see and look at.

Levi loved looking at everything...he got to walk around on his own, which he loved!
Sweet boy!

After the boys saw all they wanted to we peeked in on Santa (they have the best one), played inside the best Disney store around, and grabebd some cookies before we headed home!! It was a great afternoon with my boys!!

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